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Skating school in Täby

Welcome to Viggbyholm’s ice-skating school in Täby


Viggbyholms IK Konståkning ice-skating school suits all ages and levels, regardless of if one wants to become a figure-skater, hockey player or if one only wants to learn how to skate for all ages - even to adults. We want to provide a fun and positive experience that will instil a lifelong love of skating.

Viggbyholms IK, Konståkning was founded in 2011 and our home arena is Jägholmshallen in Hägernäs in Täby, just outside Stockholm. The ice-skating club has grown steadily since 2011 when it started with only a few skaters, the club now has almost 60 competing skaters and a big skating school every year for all ages. Viggbyholm’s ice skating school has group lessons in both Jägholmshallen in Hägernäs and Tibble ice rink next to Täby shopping mall, several days a week.

Our philosophy is to offer an excellent education in figure skating, in a fun environment, from beginners to elite skaters. We offer small skating groups, which allows the teachers to develop all skaters according to their needs. All our teachers are educated by the Swedish Figure Skating Association and have been, or are figure skaters on a high level themselves. Additionally, one develops important basic skills such as balance, coordination, agility, body perception and concentration. We have both one- and two day groups in skating school and a three day group in figure skating school for skaters that have attended the skating school earlier.

If you want to see your child develop and build a solid grounding for figure skating or ice hockey, come to our club and our teachers are there to help. Everyone that wants to come and try out how it is to skate, is more than welcome to our skating school in Täby. You always have one free skating lesson to see if your child/or you will enjoy it!


To enrol for ice-skating school with Viggbyholms IK, Konståkning in Täby next season please fill out the application form, we apologise that the form is only in Swedish at the moment.


 To application form for skating school


1-day group on sundays at 11.05-11.50 in Jägholmshallen (Hägernäs) and then with our new boy group!

1-day group on sundays at 16.00-16.45 in Tibble skating rink (Täby Centrum)


2-day Gold

Monday           Ice training at 16-16.50 in Jägholmshallen (Hägernäs)

Saturday          Off ice training at 14.45-15.15 in Jägholmshallen (Hägernäs)

                        Ice training at 15.30-16.20 in Jägholmshallen (Hägernäs)

2-day Silver

Friday             Ice training at 17-17.50 in Jägholmshallen (Hägernäs)

Sunday            Off ice training at 15.15-15.45 in Tibble skating rink

                        Ice training at 16-16.50 in Tibble skating rink


Skating alternatives

1 day week 35-50          1350 SEK

1 day week 35-14          2580 SEK

2 day week 35-50          2450 SEK

2 day week 35-14          4700 SEK

2 day week 42-14          4000 SEK


If you have any questions please contact us at This is a mailto link or if you would like to see more information in English on the website please email any suggestions to This is a mailto link



Equipment for ice skating school

The skater’s progress is largely dependent on the quality of their ice skates. Ice skates should not be purchased too big, they should fit the foot and sit firmly. It is important that the skates are properly sharpened. Never allow the skater to go off the ice without using protection for the ice skates, use the ice skating protectors of hard plastic to protect the blade. After you have taken off the skates, then dry the blade with a terry cloth and let them dry, otherwise the blades will rust. Clothing should be warm and both fitting as well as allowing full movement such as lined outdoor pants, a long sleeved shirt with a thin jacket. For the younger children, even a winter overall works well. Don’t forget gloves! A helmet is as important as the skates in the beginning, and it is obligatory to have, until one reaches a certain development stage. 


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