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Summer Camp 2021

SUMMER CAMP 2021 - 16 June to 20 June Day camp with ice and ground training

Welcome to Viggbyholm's annual summer camp! It's soon time for a wonderful camp with a lot of figure skating and fun with friends and our dedicated coaches!

Day Camp - Time & Location:

16-18 June  (Wednesday-Friday) CIK Knivsta (Center for Sports and Culture (Sw: Centrum för Idrott och Kultur))

19-20 June (Saturday-Sunday) Vilundahallen, Upplands Väsby

20 June (Sunday) approx. 1 pm – 3 pm TEST Vilundahallen, Upplands Väsby. Tests can be done from Competition Test level. The coaches decide, together with the skater, if and in which case what test to do. The test cost is added, with SEK 250 per test, to the camp cost. NOTE! Tests will only be carried out if the Swedish Figure Skating Association (Sw: Svenska Konståkningsförbundet) recommends it, based on the state of infection.

Training options

  • Option 1 10 ice sessions + 3 ground training sessions (SEK 2,900) is intended for the groups H1, H2, K1, K2, UTV and the Training Group (Sw: Träningsgruppen).
  • Option 2 5 ice sessions + 3 ground training sessions (SEK 1,900) is intended for the groups Speed ​​and the Training Group.

Please note that the skater can choose the option they prefer; the above suggestions is only a recommendation from the coaches. Please feel free to check with your coach If you have any questions about the options. 

The camp is suited for skaters who can be on time, keep track of their equipment and follow rules such as not leaving the area, etc. If the skater cannot do this, you are of course welcome, but a parent must then joint and be available for the skater.

REGISTER no later than on 31 May

Payment via invoice 15 days. If you want an extended payment period, please state this in the message field. Please note that it is also possible to register for only a part of the camp; this is done by stating in the message field which days you want to participate. The cost is adjusted according to the number of days you choose to participate.

Food: Lunch and snack/fruit will be available in Restaurant Kvarnen in the facility in Knivsta and via catering in Upplands Väsby. Cost for lunch and coffee is included in the camp fee.

Schedule: Will be sent out during the week before the camp begins.

Overnight stay: At present, the club is unable to offer overnight stays and the time and location for the camp was chosen in order to be able to carry out a qualitative and fun summer camp, with or without overnight stay. If the restrictions are lifted, we will try to offer a few days overnight stay. If that is the case, we will get back to you with further information about this at a later stage.

We are looking for camp parents / camp hosts, who can be on site and help the skaters with practical matters. Are you a new member of the club and feel insecure? There is always someone who has participated before who can guide you; the most important thing is that there is an adult on site who can assist the skaters. 

We wish everyone a warm welcome! 

Sincerely, The coaches & section management, Viggbyholms IK Konståkning

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Skridskoskola börjar igen v 35 söndagen 4 september kl 11.35


Vi erbjuder skridskoskola med träning 1, 2, eller 3 gånger i veckan.

Alternativ 1: Söndagar kl 11.35 - 12.20
Alternativ : Löragar kl 15.30 - 16.15

Onsdagar kl 17.00 - 17.50
Söndagar kl 12.30 - 13.20 is 
            +kl 13.30 - 14.15 mark

Anmälningsformulär HÄR


Vi erbjuder tränarledd träning för vuxna

Måndagar kl 21.00-22-.00

Anmälningsformulär HÄR

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